Friday, June 4, 2010

Thai Style Rissoto

This recipe has directly come from Thai kitchen to make your day, very tasty and delicious recipe well this recipe is very fast to cook and good to eat, a very simple vegetarian style dish, so try this very yummy and mouth watering recipe if you have got bored of you daily stuff cooking, so for change try this Thai Style Rissoto to have an ultimate delight.

Thai Style Rissoto
All you need:

* one tablespoon of chopped shallots
* two cups of Thai jasmine rice
* one tablespoon of sliced garlic
* one tablespoon of ground ginger
* two tablespoons of Thai chile peppers, sliced

Then a quantity of chicken stock equal to the volume of water that is specified by the rice cooker that is needed to cook two cups of rice.

How to make:

* Put the rice in the cooker, then stir it after that fry rest of the ingredients leave the stock.
* Add all the ingredients in cooker and cook them.
* After a particular cooking time the dish would be ready.
* To give yellow colour to rice you can add a pinch of turmeric powder and saffron.


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