Monday, June 21, 2010

Thai Iced Tea

This time a very refreshing stuff from Thai kitchen yes very special Thai Iced Tea it is very popular in the United States, very delicious and unique tea that will give you pleasure sipping, this ice tea is a combination of Thai tea leaves and spices so try it for a refreshing taste.

Thai Iced Tea
All you need:

* Thai tea leaves

* Dried lemon grass

* Dried pandan leaves

How to make:

* Start with boiling 8 cups of water, in a large pitcher pot place 8-10 heaping tablespoons tea.

* Add boiling water over tea, for 5 min let it steep, strain the tea in another pitcher.

* Using coffee filter or stainless/muslin filter to filter it back into the first pitcher.

* Add sugar to taste, stir and let it be cooled into the fridge, pour chilled tea over ice, and top it up with evaporated milk.

* Milk will float on the ice and sink into the tea slowly.

* Enjoy!

Variant Method:

* Take a medium pot boil 8 cups of water.

* Add 8 to 10 heaping tablespoons of Thai tea mix.

* Reduce the heat and let it get simmer, uncovered it for an hour.

* Add water to refill the pot up to the original level and let it simmer for an additional hour.

* Then add water and again bring it to boil,remove from heat.

* Strain and cool , you will get a stronger tea just serve it as above method.

* Enjoy!

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