Friday, June 25, 2010


Laab is a northern eastern food, it is usually eaten as a part of a set, it is also known as Laap, it can be eaten with water spinach , string beans,sliver of cabbage and Thai basil, it is also served as appetizer along with that Laab is also served as main course, so this time try this very yummy and mouth watering appetizer right in front of you just try and feel the difference.


All you need:

* 1/4 shallot, sliced thinly

* 1 table spoon toasted rice

* 1/2 lbs ground pork

* 1-2 limes

* 1/4 table spoon of ground dried chilli pepper

* 3 table spoon fish sauce

* 3 sprigs spear mint

* 5 sprigs cilantro sliced

* 1 green onion sliced.

How to make:

* Put lime juice of 1/3 lime on ground pork, mix properly and lt it get marinate

* Heat a cast iron pan,then two table spoons of then add marinated pork and stir.

* First the pork will stick to the pan then juice come out and will be loosened, stir well.

* Then put the pork in a bowl having all the ingredients, then add green onion, fish sauce,shallot, cilantro, reat lime juice, toasted rice along with ground chilli pepper.

* Mix properly and taste, just taste the tartness from lime juice and fish sauce.

* Put all the ingredients in a bowl, garnish it with spearmint, after that sprinkle the rest of toasted rice.

* Then its time to serve it with vegetables like green beans, cabbage, thai basil and lettuce.

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