Friday, March 26, 2010

Tom Yam Goong


8 shrimp/prawns, shelled and deveined, with shellsreserved
3 cups water
2 garlic cloves, minced
5 kaffir lime leaves 3 thin slices fresh or dried galangal
1/4 cup fish sauce
2 stalks lemon grass/citronella , lower 1/3
2 shallots, sliced
1/2 cup sliced straw mushrooms
5 green Thai chili peppers
1/4 cup lime juice
1 teaspoon black chili paste
1 tablespoon chopped cilantro/coriander leaves

Tom Yam Goong

How to cook:

1. Rinse the prawn shells and place them in a large pot with the water. Heat to boiling, strain the broth and discard the shells.

2. Add the garlic, lime leaves, galangal, fish sauce, lemon grass and shallots to the stock, then the mushrooms and chili peppers, if using. Cook gently for 2 minutes.

3. Add the shrimp to the soup, and reheat to boiling. When the shrimp are cooked, place the lime juice and black chili paste in a serving bowl. Pour the soup into the bowl, stir, garnish with the cilantro leaves, and serve.

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