Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Shrimp Paste Dip/Naam Prik Gapi

Shrimp Paste Dip or Naam Prik Gapi is one of the oldest Thai recipes that is still very popular among the crowds. Such dips are usually eaten with either boiled or raw vegetables and fish.

What you need:

Naam Prik Gapi

* Green and White thai eggplants, 3(the top of the eggplant needs to be cut and sliced to cut them open)
* Cucumber skinned and sliced,1 cup
* Pea Eggplants,1/4 cup (remove the top)
* Wing Beans,1/2 cup(1 1/2" slices)
* Boiled and Drained Ivy Gourd,1/2 cup
* Small white and green thai eggplants,1/4 cup(remove the top of the eggplant)
* Small Pla-too fish,5(fry each side of the fish in 1/2 cup oil each for 3 minutes each)
* Cha-om omlette pieces,1 1/2 cup(3 eggs and 1 cup cha-om leaves,fry these in oil until brown on both sides

How to make:

1. In a stone mortar,pound the chillies and garlic to make a coarse paste.
2. In it,mix the shrimp paste and pound in order to mix.
3. To that add palm sugar. Pound to mix.
4. Add lime juice and hairy eggplant slices. Mix properly and serve it in a small bowl.
5. Garnish with pea eggplants or small Thai Chillies.
6. Optional: serve with cha-om omlette slices which is prepared by mixing 1 cup cha-om leaves and 3 eggs, frying them over high heat until brown on both the sides.

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